Free early education for two year olds

If you're the parent or carer of a two year old and you receive certain benefits you could be eligible to apply for a free early education place


The quickest way to apply is online. You'll need the child's legal guardian's National Insurance number, date of birth and surname.

Apply for your place online

Other ways to apply
Alternatively contact the provider of your choice, who can help you apply.

Who can apply?

Your child might be eligible if you receive any of these benefits:

Or if your child:

What you will get

Your child will receive 570 hours free early education over a year.  This is equal to 15 hours a week during term time (38 weeks a year) or 11 hours a week all year round (52 weeks a year).

There is some flexibility with how the hours are used, this can be discussed with the chosen provider.

Your child can start in their free place from the term after their second birthday. (January, April & September)  

Funding is available for a range of early years providers, which can be found here

Benefits of early years education

Research has shown that good quality early education can improve childrens' social and emotional development, as well as their language and communication skills.  The children also get to have fun and make lots of friends, through a wide range of experiences.